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801 Duddingston Road


London, 17 March 2011

Smith & Jones Consultancy
57 Queen Elizabeth Street

Attn. Ms J. Smith


Dear Ms Smith,

I write to express my interest in fulfilling the role of [job wanted] for your organisation. I have about 10 years experience as [current job] with a range of companies.

Immediately after completing my education [name of training] in [year], I started work with [employer 1]. I am currently working for [current employer]. My current responsibilities include [summary of tasks].

Your organisation's objectives interest me a great deal. As [job wanted] with your company, I believe I can also utilise my skills to [interesting new tasks that are not included within current role]. This versatility appeals to me and, furthermore, the role of [job wanted] would give me the opportunity to further my career. The latter is, unfortunately, not possible with my current employer as a result of the age range within my department.

I would be delighted to clarify my motivation further in a personal meeting. Should you not have any current vacancies, could I kindly ask you to retain my letter for any opportunities in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Carla Johnson


Enclosure: curriculum vitae